How to Add Image to Featured Gallery

This feature is only available for Featured listing plan. Compare listing plans.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. On the left menu, select My Listings.
  3. On the listing you want to add an image or logo to the Featured Gallery, under Manage click the icon icon_edit
  4. On the next page, under Manage Listing Plan click Banners with the icon icon_listings_banners
  5. Click Add Banner.
  6. In Type: select Featured Gallery.
  7. Click Browse to upload an image and click Submit.
  8. The maximum dimension of the image is 125 x 125 pixels and the maximum file size is 50 kilobytes.
  9. It is highly recommended that the image is in square dimension of 125 x 125 pixels with maximum file size of 50 kilobytes in order for the image to appear properly.
  10. If the image is not in the recommended dimension, it will be automatically resized to 125 x 125.
  11. For example if you upload an image with dimension of 600 x 600 or 90 x 60, it will be resized to 125 x 125 which the appearance of the image may look less than ideal.
  12. The acceptable formats of image are jpg, png and gif.